Your Ultimate Indoor Golf Experience

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Company Outings, Birthday Parties, and Family Gatherings

Flat Screen – 30 Minutes Flat Screen – 60 Minutes Curve – 30 Minutes Curve – 60 Minutes
Mon – Thur Before 4pm $23 $34 $30 $40
Mon – Thur: After 4pm Fri – Sun: All Day $30 $49 $40 $55
May-September $12 $24 $20 $35

Rules of Play

1. No metal spikes (Soft spikes are permitted. Please clean out grass, mud, leaves, etc. that may be stuck in the bottom of your shoes).
2. Bring a change of clean shoes - "outside" shoes are not permitted on or in simulators.
3. Bring your own clubs. Please make sure club faces are clean (We are happy to clean them for you if needed). We also have a limited number of clubs available for use on site.
4. We supply specially marked Titleist golf balls. You must use these balls for the systems to function properly. Do not make any additional marks on golf balls as they transfer to, and ruin our screens.
5. No food or drink allowed in the simulators.
6. 1 person can golf 18 holes in 1 hour once familiar with the system and play. book some extra time if it is your first time.
7. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time to check in, get shoes changed, etc.
8. Due to the fact that most tee times are in high demand and in order to discourage booking longer sessions than required, players will be charged for the time that was reserved, regardless of the actual time used.
9. If you must cancel your reservation, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.
10. Dress code is casual but we reserve the right to request that distasteful clothing be changed.
11. Children under 12 years old must have an adult present at all times.
12. You may be moved to a different Classic Simulator when one was reserved in order to maximize scheduling opportunities.
13. Persons must be 18 years of age or older unless accompanied by an adult.

Early Risers Rejoice!


When you book between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, you will receive a spectacular 30% discount off our evening and weekend prices. Whether you want to develop your game, have a leisurely round, or host a memorable corporate event, our early hours are ideal for a great golfing experience. If you would like to reserve more than the allocated 6 hours at a discounted cost, please contact our staff.

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Flat & Curved

Screened Simulators


Under Par Golf is crafted to provide an exciting and immersive approach to elevate your golf game, catering to all skill levels, right near Grand Haven and Spring Lake. Immerse yourself in the vivid visuals and the exhilarating fun of utilizing our advanced aboutGOLF simulators, including a virtual driving range. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, experience the seamless blend of technology and enjoyment at Under Par Golf. Join us for a thrilling golf experience on the Michigan Lakeshore!

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Other Games!

Minigolf – Lost Lagoon, Mystery Reef, Galactic Greens

F-O-R-E – Hit the green and get the closest to the pin

Razor’s Edge – Hit the ball as straight and as far as possible

Longest Drive Contests

Bend It – Hit greens protected by forcefields

And so much more!