Under Par Golf


Under Par Golf Simulators

Under Par Golf uses aboutGOLF simulators, so you get the feel of the outdoor game inside, even through a Michigan winter. 

We have four aboutGOLF Flatscreen simulators and one aboutGOLF Curve simulator for you to use. This gives you options when you play a round of golf, whether you are out to have a good time with your friends or are looking for ways to improve your game. 

You have the unique ability to practice putting using the aboutGOLF simulators. You can read the course greens, take aim, and putt at the pace required to meet the distance to the hole. Putting on the indoor aboutGOLF simulators is the next best thing to putting on an outdoor golf course.

aboutGOLF Flatscreens

Under Par Golf has four aboutGOLF Flatscreen simulators. These offer you an entertaining way to improve your golf game, regardless of your skill level. Those new to the game and seasoned golfers alike will love the crisp graphics and simple fun of using an aboutGOLF simulator.

aboutGOLF Curve

The aG Curve golf simulator is designed to engulf you in the experience of golf. Using 3Trak® ball and track technology, HD projection, premium touchscreen, and turf to create a custom golf experience, the aboutGOLF Curve simulator is like no golf you’ve played before.

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