Compete Like Your In-Laws Are Watching

Indoor Golf League

league player putting

It’s Not Just a League

It’s an experience. And remember, it’s all fun and games until someone three-putts on the final hole. If you’re looking for a golf league that takes itself as seriously as your grandma takes her bingo night, you’re in the wrong place. See you on the fairway!

Our indoor leagues start in the middle of October and run until the middle of April. The second session starts the week of January 28th and runs for 12 weeks. We also run some outdoor leagues that run through the summer.

“Friendly” Competition

Sure, we say it’s friendly. But let’s be real—it’s friendly until someone loses, and excuses are harder to find than a golf ball in the rough. Forget blaming the wind; our league is all about personal accountability, skill refinement, and, of course, the occasional well-placed jab at your opponent’s putting technique.

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